Homeschool questions and how to handle them.


Why? Where? How? What about socialization?

These are only a couple of the questions I am asked with usually some very interesting facial expressions. Most people are honestly just curious because they are not even aware of homeschooling and just want more information. Some people though, *sigh*, are just well ______. I’ll let you fill in that blank. So I decided to make a post giving my answers to some major questions I constantly get asked about homeschooling. I hope they will help you if you are ever asked similar questions.

No school today?

My son was asked this while we were in a children’s museum. I had to bite my tongue to stop from laughing. He literally stopped what he was doing, (making a cupcake from “ If you give a cat a cupcake) looked the lady right in the eye and said, “what do you mean I’m in school all the time.” He was so confused as to why she would ask that.  I got onto him for having a bit of an attitude and he apologized but I really struggled not to laugh, and cry at the same time. You see there were 6 other schools there which means a TON of kids running around. I don’t see how they could have learned anything other than how to not behave at a museum.  And my children who are homeschooled behaved very well and were complimented often that day, they also learned a lot of stuff. So I completely understood why he was so annoyed with the lady, and in all honesty, I was too. After that, I took over and explained they are homeschooled and we often visit museums and other educational places to learn things first hand.

Why do you homeschool?

For me personally, it’s because I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible. They grow up so fast and it breaks my heart to see them doing it, but then again I am cheering them on at the same time. I wouldn’t open your answer up with because public schools suck, in our easily offended society that won’t go over well, even if it is true, compared to other countries. Lead with a personal reason such as the one I have given that will usually satisfy without offending.

Where do you homeschool, it must be boring to be at home all the time?

Honestly, I really want to look at them and be like, and being in a small classroom with 30 other children is better? But no you cannot do that, it won’t go over well. I have simply explained that yes we do the majority of our school work at home such as some book work but we also go outside to the library and parks to get it done. You can also mention all the educational places you visit and how nice it is because they are not overcrowded as they are on the weekends.


A lot of questions start with how and honestly does any homeschooler know how they homeschool until they’ve tried it. So I simply say trial and error or children lead activities. We personally do unit studies for science and history and reading and then for math and grammar/phonics we do BJU.

What about socialization?

Every time I hear this question I just want to scream! BUT I don’t I simply smile sweetly. Then look at my rambunctious sometimes shy but always friendly and helpful children. Finally look back to the person asking the question and smile again and say, “They interact with many different people every day.”

In all honesty, I would prefer my children to see the world as it is rather than in a classroom with one teacher and a bunch of other children who have no idea how the world is. It was such a shock for me after high school because the world is not the same as it is in school.   Making friends in a classroom is much easier than out in the real world. In the real world people don’t even wave back to small children, so they learn right off the bat not everyone will be nice to them. In a classroom children are forc- I mean taught these manners and if they do not follow them they will get in trouble. Out in the real world, people do not care. Although on the flip side my children have seen and experienced random acts of kindness that people have done for others without being prompted. Okay enough I’ll get off my soap box but you get what I am saying.

Any job where you are trying to teach a completely separate human being how to do something is not easy but it is very rewarding when you see the light bulb go off. It is also really cool because you are influencing the future, their future, your future and the future of the world, so please be careful with it.

Explaining about homeschooling and learning about homeschooling is complicated, but it doesnt have to be.

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