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Back to School Stress Less Tips!

back to school

Oh my goodness! Oh no! Yippee!

These are just a few things you will hear when you walk into the store and see they have put out their school supplies!!  I know I can’t believe were getting to that point in the year where everything is being put out a month in advance and it’s going to just fly by, and its starts with school supplies. Dun Dun DUN!

I personally love school supplies because I LOVE to do messy fun stuff with my kids. I’m going to cry when they get older and say crafts are for baby’s mom. L This time of year can be very stressful for moms and can be overwhelming for kids. Here are a few tips to make it less stressful for everyone.

Stress less tips for parents:

Get your supplies as they go on sale, you don’t have to get it all at once.

  • Try to get the basic supplies without your kids. In the long run, it’s not going to matter what color pens or pencil they have, just that they have them.
  • Be on the lookout for the tax-free day. Keep in mind though this is like black Friday for teachers.
  • The dollar store is your friend when it comes to basic supplies such as paper, tissues, wipes etc.      Teachers don’t care where they come from as long as they have help with the supplies.
  • Shop online! You can find some good bulk sites on school supplies that hold good sales. You can never have too many pens or paper.
  • For a cheaper but still creative spin on binders, get the cheaper binders with the clear slots and let your kids design their own picture for their binders. You can even download free fonts to label the binders for specific classes.
  • Wait till after school starts. A lot of the trendy items will go on sale, especially online.
  • I’ve been told the drugstore are a good place to shop for school supplies too! Use your drug store card to help save some money on the more expensive items.

What are some things that help you stress less? Please comment with them below and help other parents just like you.

Stress less tips for kids:

  • Let the kids pick out a few school supplies; backpack, decorative binder so they feel connected with their stuff and eager to show it off, in other words, eager to go to school. A lot of kids are going to new schools because they just moved over the summer, this is a good way to ease the pressure on them.
  • During the summer time is a GREAT time to shop for clearance winter school clothes and shoes. Your kids may get upset that they are last season’s gear. But honestly, if it has star wars, Minecraft, Pokémon etc., on it something they like they shouldn’t complain too much.
  • Books are a great way to help kids feel they are relatable and aren’t the only one going through this new change. A trip to the new library is a great start in getting into the new area or even the new school. You can ask them the list of books the school will be reading and can check them out.
  • Don’t stress yourself, or at least don’t talk about it in front of your children. Kids look to you for how to behave and handle situations, if your freaking out they will too.
  • Instead of reassuring your child help them problem solve their worries. Make it a game of this or that and then how would you handle that situation. ( ex: This or that; make no friends the first day or get called on first by the teacher. They choose and then you work out that problem, make it a silly yet slightly serious game.)


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  1. Hi,

    I have read 2 articles on your blog – all of them are very good.
    I added to favourite websites.
    What do You think about Brexit? Are You proponent or oponent?


    1. Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope it keeps you interested and will be one of your go to’s for help and advice. As far as the Brexit I can’t really say I am for or against it. Being from the US I have no insider opinion. Reflecting from our own countries down fall I would say it would be a toss up either way. If they stay things will remain as they are unless someone demands changes for them to stay, their economy is hurting and will continue to do so if nothing is changed within the “system”. Though if they leave their economy will definitely take a big hit that it may not recover from unless everyone works together and very hard. I would say they could get either option done but leaving would be much harder, especially in our very much divided world. It’s all heartbreaking if you ask my honest opinion. What are your thoughts on it?

  2. There is something about being part of a community that helps melt stress away in many situations. Things like getting involved in a local church group, or women s group for example, can help you connect with others and relieve stress. Even better though is that human touch that we all need from each other. Hug friends and family often. Not only will it help you feel better, but it will be good for their soul too!

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