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*cricket* *cricket* Anyone home?

helloI am! Oh my goodness I am so happy to be able to sit down and write this.  As you may not know we moved from the lovely sunshine state of Florida to the beautiful South Carolina. I must say I personally fit in here so much better than in florida. I have to be honest Im not a HUGE fan of the sun, I tend to darken very easily even with sunscreen on. Haha! So yes we have moved! It took us overall a couple weeks to move across three states, were at the tippy top of SC not far from Asheville so I say three states. And it has taken us even longer to get settled in. The kids did not like this move at first, which is understandable. I will be writing a post on how I have helped my children adjust to a new place and I hope it helps you and yours in your chapter of life. Hubby’s new job is going good and he’s enjoying the new area. We have been able to do more together as a family than before the move which is a huge plus for us. We love the cool mornings and evenings to be able to take walks. Where did we move to you ask? Oh an adorable place called Greenville. I LOVE their downtown area! I mean a water fall in the middle of downtown is unheard of and cannot be beaten! As you know I homeschool my children and the homeschool community here is just absolutely awesome! I have been welcomed with open arms and completely overwhelmed all at the same time.  Someone told me that there is so much to do you will find it hard to do “school work” and I didn’t believe them at first but I sure do now! I have to specifically carve out school work time so we don’t get behind and then were off to go do something in town with one of the homeschool groups. It warms my heart that so many people are okay with homeschooling rather than against it.
I’ve also seen some of the public schools and they all look very big and beautiful. The schools are all very clean and friendly looking rather than a giant cage for kids. A couple of neighbors have told me about the schools here and its reassuring that if I have to stop homeschooling for whatever reason that my kids have access to reliable schools.


What is there to do here? Ha! Your going to wish you hadn’t asked that question.

  1. The libraries calendars are PACKED with events for kids of all ages, and I mean all ages! They have cooking classes as well as other classes for teens, Lego for tweens and of course story time for tots.
  2. Downtown is COVERED with Pokémon go stops as well as PLENTY of Pokémon to catch. I love walking downtown. There are mouse hunts to do for kids and a couple of nice pubs for adults to share a drink together.
  3. We as a family love the Greenville Zoo, it is small but the size and price is just perfect for younger children. They also offer affordable educational classes as well as FREE events throughout the week. Make sure you check out their website for more information.
  4. Another favorite is Paris Mountain Park, there are a number of trails to hike as well as an informative center for kids to play at and learn about the forest. In the summer time the lake is open to swimming and paddle boats. There is a damn that made a water fall which was very relaxing to sit by. They also have an outdoor auditorium for local music artist to play at.
  5. My favorite thing up here are the roads, there are houses everywhere but you wouldn’t know it because they are set back from the roads. So you mostly get to see the beautiful trees and forest. With fall on the way it is as if you’re driving through a movie when the leaves get to blowing, I’m not doing the scene justice but it is really beautiful!

These are only some of the things to do in the beautiful, actually small town.


Our house was the perfect surprise in all honesty. We rented this home blind and the pictures did NOT do it justice. The pictures made this house seem super small and I was very worried we would not have enough room. When we first came in I was blown away! There was so much room and a nice little surprise was that what we thought would be a 4/2 ended up being a 4/2.5!  The backyard is small but it is a nice size for our small family. Soo with all of this being said I am back and I hope to help you and yours make beautiful memories.

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