Scientific Sunday

Lava Science Experiment

Scientific Sunday!

Every Sunday we will come together and do an education experiment. This most recent Sunday we learned about chemical and physical reactions. This science experiment has a bit of both if you add the secret powder at the end.  Ssshh!

If your children are anything like mine they are ALWAYS asking to do an experiment together, or something involving a mess. Now I don’t know about you but I’m not ALWAYS crazy about making a mess.  Sometimes they make me want to cringe.

Thankfully this new experiment is clean and educational. You could also try different things to put on top of the oil such as sugar, flour, dirt, whatever you want and see what happens. The best thing about this craft is you already have everything you need!


Clear Container






Baking soda


Fill your container with water and then mix in your favorite food coloring.

Add enough oil to make a nice thick layer on top of the water.

Sprinkle on salt and watch what happens!!

This next step is optional because it can be a mess.

Place your container outside or on a baking sheet though to contain the mess.

So when the kids weren’t looking, I grabbed some vinegar and poured it in, then had one child mix the new mixture. I gave my youngest a tablespoon of baking soda to pour in. I really wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces, they were not expecting the chemical reaction.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and remember your time is precious, spend it well.

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